About Us

Turning pre-loved saris into one-of-a-kind, handmade throws and bedding, highlighting the art of antique textiles, reviving a once obsolete craft and empowering the female artisans who make them by creating an eco-ethical brand that truly up cycles not only the saris that they are made from but also the lives of those that make them, promoting real cultural sustainability and economic self-sufficiency.    No two Vintage Kantha throws are ever alike!  Color, color intensity, size, patterns and every element of each throw vary considerably making them truly one of a kind.  Any imperfections to the throws, be it the reclaimed sari fabric from which they are made to the handmade style of stitching that bring them together, are what make Vintage Kantha Throws unique and only add to the true handmade nature and eclectic feel of this treasured product.  All of our Vintage Kantha products are made from 100% cotton repurposed Indian saris and are machine washable- cold water, gentle cycle, tumble dry low.